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13 Habits Linked to a Long Life (Backed by Science)

Many people think that life expectancy is largely determined by genetics. However, genes play a much smaller role than originally believed. It turns out that environmental factors like diet and lifestyle are key. Here are 13 habits linked to a long life. 1. Avoid overeating The link between calorie intake and longevity currently generates a…

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Our Values


As a company fully committed to supporting individuality, cultivating an inclusive environment that encourages exploration and learning are critical to our success. Being open to new perspectives and insights leads us to innovation. It helps us reach new markets, empowering our employees to grow personally and professionally together with the company’s growth.


We achieve our goals as a team, with an understanding of how our individual roles play a part in something greater. Our success is a reflection of our ability to check our egos at the door and build amazing things together as a hive mind. Being nationally recognized for our positive work culture is evidence of our dedication to creating new ways that foster collaboration and consistently inspire employees to generate new ideas.


The fulfilling relationships we create with our customers begin within our organization. Our culture of collaboration and commitment to growing as a team directly impacts how our company reimagines the health and beauty industry as a more transparent, inclusive, and empowering one. We believe that in every individual lies a self-aware, healthier, self-confident, and thriving person waiting for the opportunity to reach their true potential. With a million lives changed, we’ve demonstrated our dedication to building that path to wellness with a proven strategy. Our relationship with each customer doesn’t end with their purchase; it’s truly the beginning of a unique journey to transform lives.


Constant iteration and innovation are deeply embedded in Nextlevel Ventures‘s DNA. Learning and progressing to the next level is not only a process for us; it’s also an investment in creativity that inspires each of our teams on a daily basis: From Product Development, where we push the boundaries with innovative, clinically-backed formulas; to Nextlevel Ventures, where we combine unprecedented capabilities in a single tech platform; and finally, to Nextlevel Ventures, where we create innovative customer experiences and tools that help people live happier, healthier lives. The open and collaborative hivemind behind our success not only drives technological innovation, but it allows our teams the freedom to challenge the status quo and to take the creative risks that inspire us to be leaders in the game.

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